ID10T with Chris Hardwick (podcasts)
I am Chris Hardwick. This podcast used to be called Nerdist. Now it is not. It is still basically just me talking about stuff and things with my two nerdy friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira when they’re available, and usually someone more famous and smarter than all of us. Swearing is still fun, so we still do that occasionally. I hope you like this new iteration which is the same as before, but if a name hangs you up unhealthily I’m sure you will not hesitate to unfurl your rage not only in the ‘reviews’ section but also now on all the various social media platforms that have popped up since we started in 2010, effectively murdering blogs.

"True Blood" Pack Master and comic book nerd Joe Manganiello chats about shoplifting comics, hanging out with Schwarzenegger, and wanting to be a professional wrestler. Also, his impressions SLAYED us. After this episode, you will want to be friends with him.

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Chris tells how his stand-up special went, Jonah talks about mustaches and plaid shirts and Matt comes up with the best album title ever!

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Señor Dick

Chris ponders the psychology of stage-hogging, Jonah recounts his trip to a wedding in Jamaica, and Matt Mira gets an apartment with Greta. PLUS! Nerdist TV show writer Kristen Rutherford pops by and talks about teaching her baby sign language. 

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Stephen Merchant

The lads visit Stephen Merchant in his luxurious hotel villa to chat about Wheatley, the pilot for "The Office," Karl Pilkington, and going on a milk bender.

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Graham Elwood

Our dear old friend Graham Elwood from the Comedy Film Nerd podcast tells fascinating stories about performing in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Scott Ian

Scott Ian of Anthrax talks about zombies, Sam Kinison, and Chuck D's suprising main influence. 

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930 Club: Live in DC!

Recorded LIVE in DC on January 6! About 700 people showed up to this one and it was a BLAST and a half. Also, when we found out MAGFest (Music and Gaming Fest) was going on at the same time we were able to wrangle some special guests who may be relevant to your nerd interests: John Patrick Lowrie ("Sniper" from Team Fortress 2) and his lovely wife Ellen McLain whom you Aperture Lab fans might know as her lovably evil alter-ego GLaDOS. Also, a Portal theme may have been played live...

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Connie Britton

Connie Britton talks about transitioning from the sitcom world to shows you may have heard of like "Friday Night Lights" and "American Horror Story". AND she's a twin. PLUS she spent two years in the bureaucratic brambles of the African adoption system to get her son, Yobi. ALSO, she is truly hilarious. Now that I think about it, she may be perfect.

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David Cross

David talks Mr. Show, Arrested Development, Todd Margaret, getting stuck on cruiseships and the whimsy of Squagles. He was also very patient and kind considering that Chris & Jonah were 30 minutes late. IT WASN'T THEIR FAULT. But it's still not okay. Stupid Chris and stupid Jonah. Pfffft. 

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Tim Minchin

Chris goes to London and sits down with Tim Minchin because standing to podcast is weird. Tim talks comedy in Perth, Edinburgh, and the Higgs Boson. Fill your brain withi his brilliant musicianship/comedyism at 

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Stand-Up Cluster 2

Our last show of 2011 brings our 2nd annual stand-up comedy showcase (showcast?)! Please enjoy: Pete Holmes, Jim Hamilton, Matt Mira, Hampton Yount, Diani & Devine, Rory Scovel, Jared Logan, Brent Weinbach, and Adam Cayton-Holland. Thanks to Jonah Ray, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon for donating their Wednesday night show at NerdMelt on 12/14 to make this happen! Go to for info on how to follow any or all of these hilaramazing folks!

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David Tennant

Yes! The 10th Doctor himself, David Tennant, in a sit down chat with Chris in a very posh English library! This is the full unedited audio from the segment on the Nerdist TV show (originally aired 12/24 on BBC America, probably available on iTunes now). Chris and David chat about Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Incredible Hulk, and working shirtless. PLUS! MANY fan questions answered. He was nine kinds of awesome! NINE! I counted!  You asked for him (so did I)! Here he is! Now enjoy this Scottish burrito (which sounds like a filthy sex-thing but it isn't)!

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Happy Everything!

Our last hostful podcast of 2011 finds Chris with a stand-up related announcement, Jonah living next door to an ex-crackhouse and Matt with a"issue" that he refuses to get looked at. Also, Michael Yo comes into the studio to fetch his keys & phone and ends up chatting with the lads for a few minutes. He would want us to remind you that his he is @michaelyo on Twitter, so we just did! In closing, have great everything this holiday season!

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Michael Rooker

Michael Rooker is an actor who has been in EVERYTHING. Most recently he played lovable redneck Merle on AMC's "The Walking Dead". In this ep, he talks about how he almost didn't get the part because of an 18 year old snafu, why he bought a public outdoor gun range, and his love of CB Radios. Nerdist Podcast! Git it, son! 

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Marvin E. Quasniki

It's a 2/3 hostful episode as Jonah fights the plague in a quarantined facility. Or it's just a bad cold. What do I need to do, get details for EVERYTHING? Engineer Nick pops on, Chris talks about London and presidential candidate Marvin E. Quasniki lays out his 5-point plan for America.

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JJ Abrams

Chris & Jonah have a cheerful sit down with JJ to dicuss the Twilight Zone, Felicity's secret life and working with Spielberg. This episode is so hearty, you'll rub your tummy in satisfaction upon its completion!

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Joel David Moore

Actor Joel Moore is a terrificly funny dude who discusses his jump from doing tons of commercials to tv guest spots to films like "Avatar". And, why it would be horrible to be "leading man" in the entertainment biz. Plus! Sailor Moon-ism! Take a walk down memory lane to when this podcast was recorded the day after Halloween. Do you even REMEMBER that long ago? This is like an audio timecapsule!!!

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Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy Pardo, one of the best comics you could get to see perform live, is a pioneer in the comedian-having-a-podcast field with "Never Not Funny". In this ep, he chats about road gigs, the NNF origin story and getting tattoos in your 40s. Also, FLARB!

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Iron Horse

Live in Northampton, Massachusetts at the intimate and legendary "Iron Horse"! Talk of sausages! Dueling Jeff Goldblums! And in-person quemments! This show was a creamy pile of awesome with hug jimmies on top.

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Tigers & Traffic

Chris casts fire hands through Skyrim with his Dark Elf Mage, Jiene Wyldre, Jonah discovers rowing and Matt hates his middle name (but still loves Dave Matthews Band). PLUS! Nick talks old timey radios. AND! Banks are sluts. All shall be explained in this hearty, hostful episode.

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Jenny Wade

The delightful and hilarious Jenny Wade teaches the boys about butt candy and how to speak Japanese! This is an episode you'll want to file the adoption papers for immediately!

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The Peter Problem

New Nerdist Podcast Live dates announced! Plus, Matt collects WAY too many left-handed guitars. AND a FASCINATING deep-dive into the inner workings of Wikipedia with Nerdist Podcast listener and volunteer Wikipedian Ted!

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Dave Attell

Dave Attell! Truly one of the best comics working today. We were honored to have him on to chat about comedy, weird television and vintage skin flicks. His new show "Dave's Old Porn" premiered on Showtime earlier this Fall so if you get a chance, watch that business!

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Dana Gould

Comedian Dana Gould joins the lads to discuss Planet of the Apes, caring for Vampira, writing stand-up and producing The Simpsons. Also, what to do with a bag of pee! Sit back and let the dulcet tones of podcastness flood your ears and brain...

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Neil deGrasse Tyson

Matt and I ventured to New York to chat up one of their favorite people Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is always the smartest person in the room. Any room. Dr. Tyson is the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space. He also hosts NOVA scienceNOW on PBS and the ever enthralling StarTalk, which Mira and I were lucky enough to sit in on for the episode posting November 13th. Beyond all that, HE IS FUNNY. Like, actually hilarious.

This ep covers everything from Cosmology to quarks with a side of space sex. We had damn near unhealthy amounts of fun and I hope to con Dr. Tyson to coming on again in the near future.

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Fire Pit

Chris apologizes profusely and gives more information about the rescheduled shows in DC & Northampton, Jonah thinks Matt blew him off for a party and Matt makes a disturbing proposition. 

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Veronica Belmont

Recorded live at the California Academy of Sciences for SF Sketchfest! This was done in the African Hall amidst a collection of animal exhibits, but we on the Nerdist podcast managed to capture the finest exhibit of all--the unruly and wild VERONICA BELMONT. See what I did there? I made it sound like she was one of the creatures. Truly, though, she rules a lot, as you will hear. Also, the audio is screwy. We only had access to docent head-mics and they don't record well, but Veronica's awesomeness will pierce through that to stab you in the heart with good times.

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Live in Portland!

The Nerdist Podcast is now on tour! This is a hostful episode from our recent live show in Portland. The weather was beautiful and the crowd was AMAZINGTOWN. Also, a very special thing happens at the end. We happily lick you with doggie kisses, Portland!!!

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TJ Miller

Comedian TJ Miller talks about releasing a weird rap album, wearing tuxedos in the morning and why he did Yogi Bear. We found him to be a very sweet guy who is quite methodical about his madness!

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John Hodgman

Hodgman talks moustaches, Steve Jobs, and his new book "That Is All," available Nov. 1. If you listened to the Neil Gaiman episode then you already know that Hodgman is both spirit and flesh and exists everywhere and nowhere. He must be feared and revered. He. Is. THE HODGMAN.

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Catholic Crusader

Chris freaks out about his book being a real thing, Jonah is late, Nick pops on to say hi and Matt REALLY wants to appear in his hometown newsletter.

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Ben Folds

The superbly awesometastic Ben Folds joins us at Swinghouse Studios in LA to chat about song writing, the sexual exploits of Superman, William Shatner and helicopter rides. PLUS details on the upcoming Ben Folds 5 reunion. ALSO an A.MA.ZING live performance! On PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT. It's almost like we're a real show or something.

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Greta's Calling!

Chris is psyched up for New York Comic-con, Jonah weighs in about a zombie-run record store and Matt takes a call from his girlfriend. 

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Penn & Teller

Okay! It's really a solo Penn Jillette show. But I knew Teller wouldn't talk anyway so I just listed it as "Penn & Teller". Thought that would be clever and amusing. As I'm typing it, I can see now that I was wrong. Too lazy to delete it all and start over though, despite the fact that it would actually take me less time to do that than to explain and disclaim it. I'm weird! I'm a crazypants! Cock-a-doodle-SQUEEEEEE!!! All squeeing aside, Penn was a truly wonderful guest. We talked about the space program, song poems, bowling, his new show on Discovery "Penn & Teller Tell A Lie", PLUS we got the full little person/chimp story that I referenced to Adam Savage on Nerdist Podcast #10. This episode is like a suitcase full of steak! PACKED and MEATY. Also delicious. #goodtimes

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Emma Caulfield

The lovely and hilarious Emma Caulfield joins us to chat about transitioning out of "Buffy" and into the business of building her career as a producer and actress with "Bandwagon" and other cool projects. Plus! Chili talk! Also, weather with Sunny Showers and traffic on the ones...[jingle] "K-N-R-Deeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"

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Donut Muffin

Talk of the recently aired Nerdist TV show and upcoming Walking Dead aftershow. Jonah starts a new job next week and Matt is working WHILE he's podcasting! A very industrious episode of the Nerdist Podcast padded with silliness and general chimpery. Btw, "General Chimpery" is the name of my Flaming Lips cover band. And a TV show I pitched in the 80s where a primate takes over the Marine Corps.

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The Guild

Yes! The entire cast of The Guild! Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Amy Okuda, Robin Thorsen and Vincent Caso crammed onto our tiny stage at NerdMelt in LA to record this show for 150 enthusiastic Guild fans. Heads up fer youngins! There's some coarse language/content here as will be evidenced by the cape with penises on it that was presented to me by one gracious fan. True story. Fun starts now!

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Hola Mindy!

The guys talk about Philadelphia, the upcoming Nerdist TV show, and the recent Stitcher Radio controversy. Plus! What's a Cockadoodle? AND! Nerdist Podcast charity auction winner Mindy Holahan drops by and bears awesometastic gifts! Think of it as a Hostful+ !!!

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Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson talks about performing at the Comedy Store in the early 80s, creating his gorgeous pop art and the audition process for "Back to the Future." Tom is such a terrific guy and we absolutely LOVED recording this episode with him! Like, this will go down as one of our faves. For realsies.  

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Tom Green

Tom Green chats about becoming a 10-year overnight success, American football and the misconception of Canada as 'Merica's li'l brother. A fascinatingly serious interview! A darker shade of Green, if you will. Ugh. I already regret typing that. And yet, I didn't delete it for some reason. These qualifying sentences are FAR more effort. It's difficult for me to focus my attentions on the right things someti...Hey! A caterpillar!!!

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Big Bang Theory

Yes! The cast of the "Big Bang Theory"! All of them!!! Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch. Also on hand were EPs Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady and Steve Molaro. Recorded at San Diego Comic-con 2011. This episode will be more enjoyable than a spontaneous orgasm generated by chewing off the ears of a chocolate bunny while riding a hoverboard to high five the universe's boobs! #WhatDidIJustWrite

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Bill Burr & Reggie Watts

Recorded at Just for Laughs Montreal on July 30th, 2011

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Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart and his son Daniel join Chris to talk about being serious on the set of ST:TNG, almost passing up Xmen, Ricky Gervais, and meeting the queen of England. Deep down Chris really wanted to pitch a Star Trek-theme knitting studio called "Make It Sew", but thankfully kept that to himself. 

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Death Dedication

Chris wishes he had had sex with Cloris Leachman in the 50s, our studio mate Nick grows a goatee, Jonah recounts his VMA experience, and Matt is dizzy because he doesn't take care of himself.

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Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston talks "Breaking Bad," finding Hal's center on "Malcolm", getting a call from Tom Hanks to play Buzz Aldrin, and marketing his exciting new culinary treat. Special unexpected but welcome appearances by Rainn Wilson and Phoenix Jones! This episode should win a friggin award!!

sidenote: VERY limited spoilers. Like, maybe one tiny one from Season 3. We skated around plot points.

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DAMMIT if we aren't determined to make a nickname for Jonah stick!!! PLUS, a user-submitted "Fats of Pie" theme song!

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Tom Lennon & Ben Garant

The Nerdist Podcast's very first guest, Tom Lennon, returns with "Reno 911" co-star and writing partner Ben Garant for a live show at NerdMelt to chat about their new book "Writing Movies For Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at the Box Office and You Can Too!"  

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Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler joins the boys of Nerdist in a discussion that grazes the topics of mini-puking, Talk Soup, LAN gaming, the San Francisco comedy scene in the 90s, and her time as a website designer. Check out Aisha's new podcast "Girl on Guy", available where fine podcasts are sold (for free).

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The Walking Dead Panel SDCC '11

Here it is! The audio from The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic-con 2011!! Chris moderates Robert Kirkman, Frank Darabont, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero and cast members Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes), Laurie Holden (Andrea), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Steven Yeun (Glenn), Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale Horvath) in front 6000 kindly nerds who patiently waited several hours to get in!

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Casa de Queso

What is cottage cheese? Where do all of the "Planet of the Apes" apes come from? How does the Holodeck work? Will Matt's dad ever speak to him again??? ANSWER: Listen to this episode to find out.

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Mike Birbiglia Returns!

Birbigs makes his second appearance on the podcast!

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The Dork Backward

Chris recounts Montreal! Jonah was in a band with Fairuza Balk! Matt gets a new job!!! Action-PACKED Hostful goodness! 

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It's the second Nerdist Podcast live from San Diego ComicCon! Joining the show is Kevin Pereira, Judah Friedlander and the guys from RiffTrax, plus some very special guests! They tell stories from the convention, Jonah and Matt find out which fans are on their teams and some very gross tales are shared. We once again earn our "explicit" tag, kiddies! <strong>EXTRA NSFW</strong>.

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Todd Glass

Todd Glass (one of our favorite comedians) joins the show to talk about recording podcasts, performing at horrible corporate gigs, Todd's idea for a TV show where he makes everything better and of course, socks. Make sure to listen to Todd's new podcast "The Todd Glass Show", coming soon from Nerdist Industries!!

*Nerdist Industries...impregnating your brain with joy babies since 2008

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Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Wil Wheaton Live at SDCC '11!

Recorded live in front of 800 Nerds at San Diego Comic-con on 7/23, this awesometastic mashup of television space travelers yields some of our best podcast moments. Talk of leeches, Steven Moffat Muppets, Karen's love of Lt. Commander Data and how The Doctor and Wesley Crusher pilot their respective ships--namely the TARDIS and the Enterprise (1701-D, of course). THIS. EPISODE. RULES.

SIDENOTE: Thanks to BBC America who sponsored the event by allowing the attendees to "enjoy their burritos" which Matt and Karen helped hand out in TARDIS sleeves. Genius!

SIDESIDENOTE: There are some spoilers if you haven't seen this season of Doctor Who yet!

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Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi talks about bad fan questions, SDCC madness, awkward jokes, NBC's Chuck and his new company Nerd Machine. It's nerd-tastic!

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Matt's tale of the final shuttle launch at the NASA tweetup. The Summer of PosterSmash! Plus, Juan De Los Muertos! AND, Hogwarts flash porn! All for FREE! A bargain at twice the price.

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Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman chats with the nerds about American Gods, describes scenes that were cut from his Doctor Who ep ("The Doctor's Wife") and doles out PHENOMENAL advice for aspiring writers. Also, an intense spiritual discussion reveals that we are all Hodgman.

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Eliza Dushku/Tahmoh Penikett

This sorta kinda Dollhouse panel with Eliza and Tahmoh was recorded at the nerdtastical C2E2 in Chicago. They're both so friggin cool that I wanted to spend the entire panel just hugging both of them, but organizers requested that we have a conversation instead. PILES of thanks to ReedPop for allowing us to record and share this with the masses!!!

Direct download: Number_105_-_Dushku_Penikett.mp3
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Rove McManus/Axis of Awesome

One for Australia with this Aussie-themed episode of the Nerdist Podcast! Brilliant talk-show host Rove McManus came to our NerdMelt space and talked about comedy down under, touring, and how you decide to leave a successful show on its 10th anniversary. If that twern't enough, musical comedy group Axis of Awesome rounded out a splendid night with hilariousness. Btw, Australians don't really drink a lot of Foster's, it turns out. That's just something they tell us here.

Direct download: Number_104_-_Rove_McManus.mp3
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Breakfast Beers

Muppet pipes! Minstrels! The TMobile girl might be a Terminatrix! AND why drinking in the morning may not be in your best interests. Happy 'Merica Day!!!

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Alison Haislip

Alison chats about blowing up cars, her role on "The Voice", not hosting "Attack of the Show" and her New Jersian pronunciations of "BUH-ins" and "wudder".

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Sorry Matt!

Chris is buzzing on a sleepless caffeine storm, and Matt is not entirely emotionally prepared for today's harassment from his sister-wife Jonah.

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Simon Pegg

Yes! For our centennial episode, Nerd deity SIMON PEGG drops by to chat about the many swirling eddies of awesomeness in the Peggverse, including (but not limited to) Star Trek, zombies, stand-up, Brass Eye, Edgar Wright, Spaced and his new book "Nerd Do Well", now available at your finer digital and brick & mortar retailers! HE'S THE REAL DEAL as well as an absolute gentleman. Also, a super-secret guest drops by (Joel McHale (parentheses make things invisible (parenthetical nesting dolls! (fun!))))!

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Happy Father's Day! In celebration, here is a bonus ep for geeky dads and lovers of geeky dads alike! WIRED's Geekdad, Ken Denmead, drops by to chat about being geeky with your kids in celebration of his new book "The Geekdad's Guide to Weekend Fun," which is available here!

Now go geek it up with your kids! (this includes you too, nerds)

*Minor note for tiny ears: I believe there are one or two swears in here, as well as a conversation about steampunk vibrators that I, of course, instigated...

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Zooey Deschanel

Zooey D TURN-ONs:  yacht rock, Pandora and puns. Zooey D TURN-OFFS: improper microphone compression and gluten. Also, she is immensely cool. HOW DO WE KEEP GETTING SO LUCKY WITH THE COOL PEOPLE ON THIS FLY-BY-NIGHT OPERATION??? I don't now but I'm all fer it! (as opposed to agin it)

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Puns N' Roses

Jonah's late but with good reason. PLUS! Disneyland dissection, flower emoticons, Russian bride spam, and the magic of Portlandia! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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Jeri Ryan

Holy craps! Jeri Ryan is simply the coolest. EVER. Super super smart, nice, funny and bee-yoo-tee-ful! On this ep we chat about Star Trek, autopsies, food, and weird mouth noises. We bow to her awesometasticness.

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Julie Benz

Julie Benz was an absolute joy! On this episode she talks Buffy, Dexter, traveling and puppies--AN WE ENJOYED EVERY SECOND OF IT!

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Robert Kirkman

Recorded at NerdMelt in front of 120 Zombiphiles! Kirkman talks "Walking Dead", Image Comics, and we invent the soon-to-be hot new fetish "Sasquatching". PLUS a very special guest drops by! Like, a REALLY good one. HINTS: 1) it's a human, 2) it's a "he", 3) it's not Johann Gutenberg. OH SWEET, SWEET MYSTERY!!!

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Typical Internet

Chris reveals details of the forthcoming Nerdist TV show at BBC America! Jonah talks about "Team Jonah", and Matt gets his first dose of the Web's poisonous bite-y side.

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Patton Oswalt

Mash-up madness! A "Time Bandits" reboot?? PLUS Patton talks about his writing process and his days as a budding comic. Info-larious!!!

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Finish Book

Chris validates and rejects entries on his Wikipedia page, Jonah is doing his best with vodka & water, and Matt looks like Eugene Levy's sister's kid.

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Kevin Pereira

Attack of the Show fans! Host Kevin Pereira talks flash porn, the mystery of the "hoon", advice for start-ups and the hunt for a new co-host. This episode was recorded in front of 150 terrific nerds @NerdMelt the day after Bin Laden was powered down, ergo all of the references to it. Find out what we were all doing when we found out (SPOILER: Matt's story is the best).

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Acid Party

Matt Mira talks about his first open mic at Meltdown! Bill-n-Ted-Talks! Rave music and you! Photosynth! A highly informative hostful episode indeed.

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Ed Helms

Bluegrass! The Office! Remote iPad control! A wide berth of topics to cure what ails ya (emotionally)! There's a rap on the door of your's Ed Helms!!! How could you turn him away? It's. Just. Not. Possible. (audience "Awwwww"s, cue "Growing Pains" theme: "As Long as We've Got Each Other", credits)

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Dana Dearmond

One of our pals from way back, Dana Dearmond--aka "The Internet's Girlfriend"--is an adult film lady who also happens to be a HUGE gamer and comedy nerd. Not surprisingly we discuss games, comedy and Dana's appearance in the upcoming "Star Trek: The Next Generation" porn parody.

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Damon Lindelof

Damon Lindelof joins the Nerdists to discuss executive producing "Lost", writing "Star Trek", and cracking The Rudy Huxtable Conspiracy.

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Adam Carolla Returns Again!

One-on-one chat with Carolla about the podcasting biz, our mutual attraction to Rob Lowe and how to make a Kathleen Turner tapenade.

Nerdist Podcast listeners get $10 sweet earbuds at!

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Chris has baseball questions, Jonah rocked Portland and Matt STILL loves the Dave Matthews Band.

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Jimmy Fallon

This chat with Jimmy was part of the magnificent PaleyFest '11, a series of panels comprising cool shows you've heard of. This extended episode covers Fallon's career as a comedy club impressionist all the way up to the recent 2-year anniversary of "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." He was INCREDIBLY sweet, funny and charming. At the end, there was some delightful audience Q&A. And ice cream. This whole night was BUTTSLOADS of fun. Yes, I said "buttsloads", because it would take multiple butts to contain the fun that was had there on March 11 at the Saban Theater in LA.

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BONUS EPISODE for the Whovians! This is the 40-minute Q&A following sneak preview screening of the first two episodes of Doctor Who series 6 to a packed movie theater of Who fans in NY on April 11, 2011. The panel consisted of Steven Moffat (head brainiac), Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Alex Kingston (River Song), Toby Haynes (director), Piers Wenger (EP), Beth Willis (EP).

THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS EPISODE!!! You can listen to it as a pre-game, parking lot BBQ kind of thing before kick-off. (those are correct sports references, right?)

Special thanks to the BBC for making this happen! (You in particular, Devin Johnson & Matt Stein) The new series of Doctor Who premieres Saturday, April 23rd at 9/8C on BBC America!

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Rhyme Talking

Chris reminisces about the Cranberries! Jonah twists his ankle! Matt walks everywhere now! Nerdist friend Brent Weinbach drops by to chat about video game music. FunFunFun!

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Andy Samberg

Cross-platform alert! I wrote the cover story for the May issue of WIRED which is an interview with Samberg about the evolution of comedy in the Digital Age. While the magazine just plucked a snippet of our chattings, THIS IS THE FULL UNEDITED AUDIO! Just for you! You can see some of it with your eyes and then absorb the rest of it with your ears! Andy is a solid dude. It was a genuine pleasure to sit down with him and trade words.

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Large Puppy

Burrito tweet-ups! Boston! Doctor Who in NY! Inversion tables! Spanish Zombie Movies! This hostful ep covers much!

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Black Dynamite panel!

DYN-O-MITE! DYN-O-MITE! Our second live show at NerdMelt was epic explosion of all things awesome as we welcomed the director and cast of Black Dynamite to celebrate the release of the 1st issue of the BD comic, "Slave Island" (which you should SPRINT to buy immediately). Black Dynamite is one of our favorite comedies of all time, so this ruled a lot. On the panel: Scott Sanders (director), Brian Ash (writer of "Slave Island"), Byron Minns (Bullhorn), and Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White. Thanks to the 150 people who came out! This was a Blacktastic night for all!


PS - This is a GREAT listen particularly if you're an indie filmmaker/comedy writer because these guys did it RIGHT.

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Xeni Jardin

Xeni is not only an overlord at Boing Boing, but also one of the smartest humans on the planet and a genuine pleasure to talk to. And yes, ending a sentence with "to" is considered poor grammar, which today I am bad at. Further proven by ending a sentence with "at".

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James Gunn

Our first live podcast from @NerdMelt! We had a tweet-up to see the film "Super" (which was violent, adorable and awesome) and then brought director James Gunn (who also did "Slither", "Tromeo & Juliet" and wrote 2004's "Dawn of the Dead") back to our clubhouse, where a SPIRITED debate about zombies unfurled.


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Silly Titles

Chris sees Anthony Michael Hall (in the hall), Jonah is slowly healing and Matt gets an inversion table.

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Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss invited us into his home to talk about traveling, snooty college clubs, knives, and his book, "The Four Hour Body", which everyone on the show was implementing to varying degrees of commitment.

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Bionic Arm

I don't feel like writing a description! How about that business?? You wanna know what happened on this episode??? WE TALKED ABOUT STUFF. The end.

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Brad Meltzer

Brad Meltzer is a literary ninja. He has written several books & comics (Buffy, Justice League, Green Arrow) and hosts "Decoded" on the History Channel. This is a great episode to listen to if you have any interest in pursuing the path of the writer.

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More hostful goodness from SxSW!!! Austin = AWESOMESTIN

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John Oliver

Recorded in front of a live audience at SxSW on 3.14 (that's right, PI DAY)! John Oliver, as expected, CRUSHED. We spoke of the Queen, British comics you should know, the daily Daily Show routine, and of course, the C word. This show was fun to the funth power!!!

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Bulging Disc

In this hostful episode, Matthew talks about his experience at an open mic last week! Jonah is the most famous comedian from Hawaii! Chris wanted to do filthy things to the Empress from Neverending Story (I mean when I was a kid. Not NOW. That would be creepers! Though that girl is now 38. I looked it up. Here I come, Tami Stronach!!!)


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Danny Pudi

'Community''s Abed, Danny Pudi, stops by the ol' podcast on our quest to collect the entire cast in mint condition! Also, he's hilarious and awesometastic. PLUS! Bollywood explained! Human blood trucks! Wealthy lobsters! And the mystery of Ponrichard!!

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Nerd Clusters

Chris is enjoying Dr. Dog, Matt wants to be Doctor Who and Jonah wants to be Dr. Zaius. Plus! A good, hard Swanking.

$10 off earbuds @!

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Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion (a fine, fine fellow) makes us coffee, talks about his Canadian improv roots, an unmade pilot he wrote, getting Joss Whedon on Castle, and whether or not he's going to buy Firefly. Plus, fan tweets answered!!! A well-rounded audio programme (British spelling for uppity emphasis) indeed.

This episode was brought to you by Falcon NW Computer Systems @!

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Burger Salad

The guys all realize they're much better off than they thought they were. *cue Wonder Years theme*

(Nerdist listeners get $10 off snazzy new earbuds at

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Wil Wheaton

Wil. Whea. Ton. FINALLY. Never before heard stories of young Wil and young Chris: Strippers! D&D! Surgery! Saucy Picard! This episode will smear goodness onto the walls of your entertainment gland.

This episode was sponsored by Falcon Northwest Computer Systems! Visit!

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