ID10T with Chris Hardwick
I am Chris Hardwick. This podcast used to be called Nerdist. Now it is not. It is still basically just me talking about stuff and things with my two nerdy friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira when they’re available, and usually someone more famous and smarter than all of us. Swearing is still fun, so we still do that occasionally. I hope you like this new iteration which is the same as before, but if a name hangs you up unhealthily I’m sure you will not hesitate to unfurl your rage not only in the ‘reviews’ section but also now on all the various social media platforms that have popped up since we started in 2010, effectively murdering blogs.

The amazing and talented Dave Grohl invited Chris, Matt and Jonah to his studio to talk about his love for music, how he learned to play the drums and his new documentary Sound City!

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Mark Hamill is on the Nerdist! Chris and Mark recorded this in front of a live audience at the "BAFTA Los Angeles Behind Closed Doors Evening with Mark Hamill" and they discuss character acting versus playing yourself, funny foreign expressions and a little film called Star Wars!

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The amazing Peter Farrelly is on the Nerdist Podcast! He sits down to talk about how he and his brother got into film making, his directing process and working with some comedy legends!

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It's a special episode with some titans of Youtube! Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein and Hannah Hart sit down with Chris to talk new media, content creation, and vagina jokes!

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It's the Nerdist live from the Twin Cities! Special guest Doug Benson joins Chris, Matt and Jonah for some fun and Quemments!

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The lovely Amber Benson (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!) sits down with Chris and Matt to talk about dolphin sex, what her writing process is and selling interesting things on E-Bay!

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Everyone is sick in this hostful! And by everyone, we just mean Jonah (who has the flu) and Chris (who is fighting the flu). Producer Katie Levine sits in with Chris and Matt to talk about hair plugs, bagging your own groceries and sports!

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WWE Champion Chris Jericho sits down with Chris and Matt to have a riveting conversation about network mergers, talk about Jericho's love of comedy and classic TV show spin-offs!

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Gabe Newell part two! In this episode Chris and Chloe sit down with Gabe to talk about the business side of video games, how Valve came to be and their mutual love for Dr. Who!

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It's the first episode with the co-founder and director of video game development at Valve, Gabe Newell! In this episode he sits down with Chris, Chloe and Wil Wheaton and Robin Walker and David Sawyer to talk all things video games!

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The hilarious Anthony Jeselnik sits down with Chris and Jonah to talk about the Comedy Central Roasts, the craft of creating offensive jokes and they make fun of Jonah!

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Timothy Olyphant sits down with Chris and Jonah to talk about his character Raylan on Justified, the story of Deadwood ending, and his short affair with stand-up comedy!

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The amazing author Warren Ellis is on the podcast! He talks about his new book Gun Machine, coming up with ideas for his novels and the monster that is social networking!

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Tom Morello invites Chris and Jonah into his home studio to talk about how he became the guitarist of Rage Against The Machine, baby music classes and just how nerdy Tom really is!

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