ID10T with Chris Hardwick
I am Chris Hardwick. This podcast used to be called Nerdist. Now it is not. It is still basically just me talking about stuff and things with my two nerdy friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira when they’re available, and usually someone more famous and smarter than all of us. Swearing is still fun, so we still do that occasionally. I hope you like this new iteration which is the same as before, but if a name hangs you up unhealthily I’m sure you will not hesitate to unfurl your rage not only in the ‘reviews’ section but also now on all the various social media platforms that have popped up since we started in 2010, effectively murdering blogs.

Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Burn Notice) talks with Chris about what living in Miami is like, tells Chris some stories of meeting his favorite celebrities and his friendship with Sam Raimi. They also talk about his new show Ash vs Evil Dead and take some questions from Twitter!

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Ron Howard and Brian Grazer talk with Chris about where the idea for their show Breakthrough came from, what topics will be featured on the show, and how Ron is such a normal guy after working in entertainment for so long. They also talk about how they formed Imagine Entertainment, choosing movies and shows they want to produce, and playing the game of show business!

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Dirk Ahlborn and Bibop Gresta talk with Chris and Matt about their work on the HyperLoop, how it would work and how they are making it a reality. They also talk about how the HyperLoop could change transportation, how they are testing it and what their timeline looks like!

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Writer/Producer David Goyer (Batman Begins, Dark Knight Rises, Blade) talks with Chris and Matt about making the movie Blade, coming to Hollywood as a young writer and making smart decisions when choosing jobs. He also talks a lot about Batman Begins, Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel and the final season of DaVinci’s Demons!

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Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man, Bring It On, Fargo) chats with Chris about living in the valley, what music she likes to listen to and what is was like being a child actor. She also talks about what she likes to do in her free time, upcoming projects she has and what to expect from season 2 of Fargo!

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Jonathan Kite (2 Broke Girls, comedian) talks with Chris about their horror days of working in retail, how important mens' underwear can be and Jonathan's recent trip to do stand up in China. They also talk about their favorites 80's comedians and what is coming up in the new season of 2 Broke Girls!

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Saved By The Bell, Franklin and Bash) chats with Chris and special guest co-host April Richardson about why moths eat sweaters, how they all keep healthy and fit and whether he is internet-y. They also talk about his time on Saved by the Bell, what his episode of Law and Order: SVU was about and his new show, Truth Be Told!

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Colin Hanks (Dexter, Fargo, Orange County) returns to the Nerdist after several years! He talks about how he got into documentary filmmaking, what inspired him to make the Tower Records documentary, All Things Must Pass, and how he went about getting all the information and stories for the documentary. He also talks about starting his career in the shadow of his father, why he chose to be an actor and what life is like as a dad!


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Brett Gelman (Gelmania, Eagleheart, comedian) chats with Chris and Matt about social issues facing the world today, things he has experienced being in a bi-racial couple, and how he chooses the jobs he takes. They also talk about the importance of giving back to society and Brett's character on FX's Married!

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Jack Black returns to the Nerdist! He chats with Chris and Matt about their favorite tv shows, Jack gives them a few riddles and they talk about deciding to get married. They also talk about Festival Supreme and Jack's role of R.L. Stine in Goosebumps!

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It’s some mid-week hostful goodness! Matt talks about his upcoming wedding, Chris tells the story of how he proposed to Lydia and Jonah gives some sage marriage advice!

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Adam Goldberg (creator of The Goldbergs) chats with Chris and Matt about how his childhood inspired the TV show, they reminisce about what they loved from the 80's and Adam's pitch for a remake of Weird Science. They also talk about movies that do and don't hold up, Matt and Adam bond over loving the WWF as kids and what is coming up on season 3 of The Goldbergs!


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Paul Bettany (Avengers, Iron Man, A Beautiful Mind) gives Chris advice on married life, talks about how it was going from JARVIS to Vision in the Marvel movies, and previews all the bonus footage on the Blu-ray of Avengers: Age of Ultron. He also talks about how Americans think British people are much smarter, how he got the role in Avengers, and his upcoming movie, Shelter!

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