ID10T with Chris Hardwick
I am Chris Hardwick. This podcast used to be called Nerdist. Now it is not. It is still basically just me talking about stuff and things with my two nerdy friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira when they’re available, and usually someone more famous and smarter than all of us. Swearing is still fun, so we still do that occasionally. I hope you like this new iteration which is the same as before, but if a name hangs you up unhealthily I’m sure you will not hesitate to unfurl your rage not only in the ‘reviews’ section but also now on all the various social media platforms that have popped up since we started in 2010, effectively murdering blogs.
Señor Dick

Chris ponders the psychology of stage-hogging, Jonah recounts his trip to a wedding in Jamaica, and Matt Mira gets an apartment with Greta. PLUS! Nerdist TV show writer Kristen Rutherford pops by and talks about teaching her baby sign language. 

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Stephen Merchant

The lads visit Stephen Merchant in his luxurious hotel villa to chat about Wheatley, the pilot for "The Office," Karl Pilkington, and going on a milk bender.

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Graham Elwood

Our dear old friend Graham Elwood from the Comedy Film Nerd podcast tells fascinating stories about performing in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Scott Ian

Scott Ian of Anthrax talks about zombies, Sam Kinison, and Chuck D's suprising main influence. 

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930 Club: Live in DC!

Recorded LIVE in DC on January 6! About 700 people showed up to this one and it was a BLAST and a half. Also, when we found out MAGFest (Music and Gaming Fest) was going on at the same time we were able to wrangle some special guests who may be relevant to your nerd interests: John Patrick Lowrie ("Sniper" from Team Fortress 2) and his lovely wife Ellen McLain whom you Aperture Lab fans might know as her lovably evil alter-ego GLaDOS. Also, a Portal theme may have been played live...

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Connie Britton

Connie Britton talks about transitioning from the sitcom world to shows you may have heard of like "Friday Night Lights" and "American Horror Story". AND she's a twin. PLUS she spent two years in the bureaucratic brambles of the African adoption system to get her son, Yobi. ALSO, she is truly hilarious. Now that I think about it, she may be perfect.

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David Cross

David talks Mr. Show, Arrested Development, Todd Margaret, getting stuck on cruiseships and the whimsy of Squagles. He was also very patient and kind considering that Chris & Jonah were 30 minutes late. IT WASN'T THEIR FAULT. But it's still not okay. Stupid Chris and stupid Jonah. Pfffft. 

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Tim Minchin

Chris goes to London and sits down with Tim Minchin because standing to podcast is weird. Tim talks comedy in Perth, Edinburgh, and the Higgs Boson. Fill your brain withi his brilliant musicianship/comedyism at 

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