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Nerdy nerdness comedy podcast w/ Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray & Matt Mira.

Recorded at NerdMelt in front of 120 Zombiphiles! Kirkman talks "Walking Dead", Image Comics, and we invent the soon-to-be hot new fetish "Sasquatching". PLUS a very special guest drops by! Like, a REALLY good one. HINTS: 1) it's a human, 2) it's a "he", 3) it's not Johann Gutenberg. OH SWEET, SWEET MYSTERY!!!

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Chris reveals details of the forthcoming Nerdist TV show at BBC America! Jonah talks about "Team Jonah", and Matt gets his first dose of the Web's poisonous bite-y side.

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Mash-up madness! A "Time Bandits" reboot?? PLUS Patton talks about his writing process and his days as a budding comic. Info-larious!!!

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Chris validates and rejects entries on his Wikipedia page, Jonah is doing his best with vodka & water, and Matt looks like Eugene Levy's sister's kid.

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Attack of the Show fans! Host Kevin Pereira talks flash porn, the mystery of the "hoon", advice for start-ups and the hunt for a new co-host. This episode was recorded in front of 150 terrific nerds @NerdMelt the day after Bin Laden was powered down, ergo all of the references to it. Find out what we were all doing when we found out (SPOILER: Matt's story is the best).

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Matt Mira talks about his first open mic at Meltdown! Bill-n-Ted-Talks! Rave music and you! Photosynth! A highly informative hostful episode indeed.

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Bluegrass! The Office! Remote iPad control! A wide berth of topics to cure what ails ya (emotionally)! There's a rap on the door of your's Ed Helms!!! How could you turn him away? It's. Just. Not. Possible. (audience "Awwwww"s, cue "Growing Pains" theme: "As Long as We've Got Each Other", credits)

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One of our pals from way back, Dana Dearmond--aka "The Internet's Girlfriend"--is an adult film lady who also happens to be a HUGE gamer and comedy nerd. Not surprisingly we discuss games, comedy and Dana's appearance in the upcoming "Star Trek: The Next Generation" porn parody.

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Damon Lindelof joins the Nerdists to discuss executive producing "Lost", writing "Star Trek", and cracking The Rudy Huxtable Conspiracy.

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